Who are we?

Hovernet established in 1998 in Thessaloniki, aiming to cope with the rapid developments occurring lately in the field of selling products and technology services.

We are a software vendor company, specialized in applications in various fields of business with the core use of computers and modern telecommunications methods.

Our team staffed by Communications Engineers, Software Engineers, Art Directors, scriptwriters, graphic designers, programmers, technicians with experience and great expertise in the field of Multimedia, the development of specific applications on the Web, in construction database.

Our way


carefully and operate according to your requirements.


our work according to your needs.


We are willing
always to serve you professionally.


We analyze
the details of your business and the costs thereof.



Beginning of the route, we have the PROFIT3000 one of the first ERP in windows environment and developed with the technology of Oracle. Creating one of the first e-shop (lasercorner.com) integrated with our ERP.


We developed ArtBase a "multispectral database" managing large number of registered artefacts. Proudly declare that we are the first integrated system in Greece dealing with the country's cultural heritage


We focused on creating web application using the Oracle Apex. Our extensive experience in programming of Oracle Database ™ proved valuable.


We presented simple solutions, easy to use and inexpensive. Our customers embraced the applications salespoint and hovernetCMMS (computer managed maintanace software).