OnDemand DBA

  1. Hovernet offers a variety of advanced services database to cover additional customer management needs. Our service goes above and beyond the basics of database management, the hovernet provides integrated solutions for the reliable operation of the database and the improved performance of the data. Since services can not be required on a regular basis, you pay only for what you need, when you need it. These services ensure rapid and thorough support DBA hourly billing basis (pay-as-you-go).

    1. Services offered include:
      Apps & updates
      Create, repair and upgrade the data in the database and the database itself, including:

      Specification & database creation
      Platform installation & upgrades
      Data relocation & refreshes
      Data & object migrations
      Component installations & patches

      Analysis and Improvement
      Analysis on the formation and the implementation of the scheme relating to improving the performance of the database, including:

      Performance analysis
      Recommendations & remediation
      Database reorganization development
      Statistical updates
      Database index tuning
      Resource mentoring

      Security and Management
      Changes made to user accounts, objects and procedures related to the database, including:

      User account maintenance & creation
      Database privileges grants & revokes
      Database object creation & alterations
      Export/ import creation & execution

      Business planning
      Preparation, creation and control of backup and recovery processes specifically related to the database, including:

      Backup & recovery process development
      Disaster recovery test preparation
      Disaster recovery scenarios testing
      Replication setup & administration

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  • Our engineers have extensive experience in Oracle database and SQL Server. They have high credentials and is certified profetional DBAs.
  • We are available all days at all times (24/7).
  • Our services are based on SLA and SR that follow the rules of ITIL foundation.
  • Through Oracle consulting, SQL Server consulting, or any of the other Consultative our servants, we stand by you in your daily tasks to finish on time and successfully.