Our company wants to present you with a powerful tool to promote market sales of food and drink (focus, markets). Our system is not another ordering app, but the intention is to identify the retail outlets where the products are available / goods of the business. After sales department decides to trade policy approach in order to place products in the widest range of retailers

You discover new selling point record and app is always updated with the retailer. App is recording if the final customer is serviced by the company or a dealer. Then the management platform (back office) orders are "filtered" and sent either to the ERP, or dealer (fax, email, sms, api) customer's order.

The application consists of two main modules: The back office (management platform) and sales mobile application. The back office handles retail points (update - recordings - deletions), the sales teams (sales centers - sections - service), and orders received by these vendors. The application serves SalesMobApp sellers to record points of sale, to inform the company about changes and register orders.

Sallers: Full management and monitoring of the sales department, control of productivity ..
1. Multiple sales centers, parts vendors, managers
2. Management sellers
3. Schedules and sellers visits
4. Monitoring sellers and each of its clients

Order management: The enterprise controls and processes orders of outlets.
1. Order Taking: the vendor with fax, telephone and SalesMobApp
2. Promote the order at the distribution center (central, agent, wholesaler)
3. Selected ways to promote orders to email, fax, sms.
4. Full management of orders waiting (backorderlist)
5. Update backorder when executed

SalesMobApp: Mobile application for updating the salespoint in real time.
1. Register a new outlet
2. Seller Information on the progress of orders
3. Download the order, registration offers and promotions
4. Changes in the data of the retail outlet
5. Tabs, other clients
6. registration receiptsv
7. Functionality merchandising
8. Route Tracking
9. Operation in iphone, android, windows mobile
10. Use of a tablet or smartphone


  • Easy recording point of sales
  • Order and merchadising
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Decrease sales cos.
  • Powerfull tool for saller
  • Advanced management of sales